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November 30, 2008

Happy Independence Day Barbados

Errol Walton Barrow (21 January 1920 – 1 June 1987) was a Caribbean statesman and the first Prime Minister of Barbados. Born into a family of political and civic activists in the parish of Saint Lucy and educated at Harrison College, his sister Dame Nita Barrow also became a social activist, humanitarian leader and later Governor General of Barbados.source

"With the Federation dissolved, Barbados had reverted to its former status, that of a self-governing colony. The island negotiated its own independence at a constitutional conference with the United Kingdom in June 1966. After years of peaceful and democratic progress, Barbados finally became an independent state on 30 November 1966, with Errol Barrow its first Prime Minister. Upon independence Barbados maintained historical linkages with Britain by establishing membership to the Commonwealth of Nations grouping, a year later Barbados' International linkages were expanded by obtaining membership to the United Nations and the Organization of American States." source

MTV's AIDS awareness campaign turns 10

December 1st 2008 marks the 10th anniversary of MTV’s Staying Alive campaign. The Staying Alive campaign began in 1998 as a one off HIV and AIDS awareness documentary, and in ten years, has grown in to the world's largest multimedia HIV prevention campaign for young people.

The campaign has hosted a series of history making programming and events. In 2002, Grammy Award winning artists P Diddy and Alicia Keys performed in a concert in South Africa to spread raise awareness and spread the campaign message.

Tony Blair and Bill Clinton are two other big names who have committed time to the campaign, participating in televised youth-led forums and answering questions from the MTV audience. Staying Alive also gave five lucky young people the chance to meet Nelson Mandela and talk to him about the key issues affecting young people today.

These are just a few examples in a long line of powerful Staying Alive programming. Since 1998, the Staying Alive campaign has reached 2/3rds of the worlds’ TV households annually. It has also reached over 90% of the 50 countries hit hardest by HIV/AIDS and received bundle of awards, amongst which are two Emmys, two Oneworld Media Awards, one Asian Promax and one European Promax.

Thanks to the success of the campaign, The Staying Alive Foundation was set up in 2005. The Foundation awards small cash grants twice yearly to grass-roots HIV/AIDS awareness projects worldwide. While the campaign reaches young people all around the world through programming, the Foundation helps the people who are fighting the epidemic on the ground.

To date, The Foundation has awarded 130 grants to 101 different projects in 48 countries, amounting to over a million dollars. Ten years after its inception, the Staying Alive campaign is stronger and as far reaching as ever. It remains our mission to energise, educate and empower as many young people as possible. Join us in our mission. source

Taj Mahal hotel owner: We had warning

The Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, India, had been warned of a possible terrorist attack before a deadly rampage hit the iconic landmark this week, the chairman of the company that owns the hotel said Saturday.

The Taj was one of nine sites attacked by gunmen in a 60-hour wave of terror that killed at least 183 people and injured hundreds more before it ended in a standoff at the hotel Saturday morning. Before the attacks, the hotel had heightened security because of a warning it received, Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata said in an interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria that will air Sunday.

But Tata said that nothing could have prevented gunmen from entering the hotel, despite the fact that it relaxed security shortly before the attacks."If I look at what we had, which all of us complained about, it could not have stopped what took place," he said. source

November 29, 2008

Australia & The Stolen Generation

"In northern Australia prior to World War II, an English aristocrat inherits a cattle station the size of Maryland. When English cattle barons plot to take her land, she reluctantly joins forces with a rough-hewn stock-man to drive 2,000 head of cattle across hundreds of miles of the country's most unforgiving land, only to still face the bombing of Darwin, Australia, by the Japanese forces that had attacked Pearl Harbor only months earlier." source

I went to see the movie Australia on Wednesday, and I give the movie 3/5 stars.

Directors always ruin good flicks when the movie starts off with showing the crowd a part of history that many may not know about, and then turns into a love story womp, womp!!

The Stolen Generations (also Stolen generation and Stolen children) is a term used to describe those children of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent who were removed from their families by the Australian and State government agencies and church missions, under acts of their respective parliaments. The removals occurred in the period between approximately 1869 and 1969, although, in some places, children were still being taken in the 1970s.
The extent of the removal of children, and the reasoning behind their removal, are contested. Documentary evidence, such as newspaper articles and reports to parliamentary committees, suggest a range of rationales. Motivations evident include child protection, beliefs that given their catastrophic population decline post white contact that black people would "die out" , fears of miscegenation and a desire to attain white racial purity. read more here

"Generally by the fifth and invariably by the sixth generation, all native characteristics of the Australian Aborigine are eradicated. The problem of our half-castes will quickly be eliminated by the complete disappearance of the black race, and the swift submergence of their progeny in the white."

"Similarly, the Chief Protector of Aborigines in Western Australia, AO Neville, wrote in an article for The West Australian in 1930:

Eliminate the full-blood and permit the white admixture to half-castes and eventually the race will become white."source

Barack & Michelle Obama Interview With Barbara Walters

Wal-Mart worker trampled

I never understand why people need to rush into a store just for these sales, the products are not going anywhere. Its not worth it at all !!

a temporary Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death in a rush of thousands of early morning shoppers as he and other employees attempted to unlock the doors of a Long Island, New York, store at 5 a.m., police said.

The toy company and authorities said the California shootings had nothing to do with shopping on Black Friday, which is historically one of the year's busiest shopping days.

The Wal-Mart worker, whom authorities did not identify, was 34 and lived in Queens, said Nassau County police Detective Lt. Michael Fleming.


November 28, 2008

No I am Not....

No I am not Black
I am not Coloured
I am not a Negro
I am not a Nigger
No I am NOT
To be continued....

Quote of The Day

Utamirhe ya mokorho, urhagenda bwirhe. (Ngoreme)

Kama ukikataa la mkubwa utatembea kutwa nzima. (Swahili)

If you refuse the elder's advice you will walk the whole day. (English)

The Ngoreme people live mainly in the Mara Region in northwestern Tanzania between Lake Victoria and the Serengeti National Park. This proverb describes a typical situation when a person does something wrong. The person is given advice by his or her elders, but neglects this advice. Sometimes the person is not aware of what he or she is doing. The end result is to get into trouble. The person regrets having not taken the elders' advice. The Swahili (Eastern and Central Africa) version of this proverb is very common and rhymes the last word in each phrase: "mkuu" and "guu."

This Ngoreme proverb teaches our society to adhere to the advice given by the elders. It is assumed that the elders in our African society have seen a lot of events in the past and present so that they can judge more correctly. This experience of the elders is used to advise youth on a variety of issues. Whoever rejects the elders' teaching will normally get into trouble.

For example, parents and teachers advise students to study hard and not to engage in premarital sex. Yet we see schoolgirls conceiving at an early age and having unwanted pregnancies before completing school. Young people become victims of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS. Today's world witnesses a dramatic increase in the use of addictive drugs such as heroine, mandrax, etc. These drugs confuse young people so that they lose their ability to think and fail their exams. Thus one major reason for the misfortunes of young people is that they reject the good advice given by parents, teachers and our society at large.

Peter Makuru Samwel


We are into our second week of this initiative.

You can get involved by: (1) Making a donation (Min. of $25), (2) Helping spreading the word, (3) Fathers come out with your child to the event, (4) Male and Females Volunteers needed.

We would like to thank those that have sent in gift cards already, but we need more people from the community to get involved.

Breaking Cycles and Stereotypes:

Black Daddies Club (BDC) is a community initiative aimed at improving the image of black fathers in society. The goal of our organization is to break down certain stereotypes and replace them with positive ones regarding the role of the black father. Examples of community-based programming BDC currently runs are monthly forums which allow community members a chance to speak out and high school mentorship programs which provide youth living in at-risk neighbourhoods positive opportunities to develop role models.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, BDC feels that it is imperative to give back to those in need. We have decided to align with York Town Shelter for Women ( located in Toronto to provide aid for its members. BDC presents Housewarming: Holiday Drive will be an event aimed at providing the shelter's women with the basic necessities to get them back on their feet. According to the shelter's coordinator, poverty is the one challenge these women face when they go out on their own. BDC hopes to provide these women with an extra push and support to succeed on their own.

We are asking you, the community, to help us make this event a success. We're asking that you purchase gift cards for the following stores: Wal-Mart, Zellers, Metro, No Frills, Food Basics, The Bay, Home Depot, Rona and/or Lowes. With these gift cards women will be able to buy their own necessities to make their transition from shelter to independent living a smooth one. Make this event a family oriented one! Get your children involved in deciding what store to buy the gift cards from or even better; ask that they use their allowance to help out. This event will help to teach that valuable lesson that the holidays are not only about receiving, but also about giving. We ask that the gift cards be of a minimum of $25. Collaborating with friends and family to purchase a gift card to help a woman in need will make an excellent holiday memory. Please get involved.

BDC presents Housewarming: Holiday Drive will take place on Sunday, December 21, 2008 at the YMCA downtown (Grosvenor Street, College/Yonge). We invite all of you, the BDC members, fathers and their children especially, to come out and take part in the event. We will be gift wrapping, preparing homemade holiday cards and arts and crafts to be given to the women. A representative of York Town Shelter for Women will then be presented with these items and gifts. To respect the privacy and personal safety of the women in the shelter we will not be personally delivering the donations.

It is a harsh reality that many of these women in the shelter have been in negative circumstances with men. We at BDC feel that Housewarming: Holiday Drive will help to paint a more positive image of men in some of these women's eyes, allowing them to trust and feel safe again.

Please help make this event a successful one! Stay tuned for more information or contact the following if you have questions:

Brandon Hay , Rehema Vuo

Founder, BDC Publicist, BDC

416 951 6075 416 910 2682

November 27, 2008

No Thanks

British Fashion names Jourdan Dunn Model of the Year

Nationality: British
Birthday: August 3, 1990
Born in: London, England
Lives now: New York, NY
Agencies: Nathalie, Storm, Women
Known for: My legs
Status: Cover girl, good girl, rising star

Michelle Obama: An American Story

Michelle Obama grew up on Chicago's South Side, and while the world outside her door was chaotic and ever-changing, her family provided a stable environment in which she could grow and flourish. This look at Michelle Obama's life and the turning points that shaped her shows how a girl from a working class background could rise to become one of the most influential women of her day. But this is more than a straight chronological retelling. This book looks at Michelle Obama's life story within the context of the larger movements in African American history: slavery, freedom, the Reconstruction era, the Civil Rights movement, and finally, her own era. History is what has shaped Michelle and challenged her. And ultimately, not only has she overcome any obstacles put before her, she has carved out her own place in history as well. source/pre-order book here

November 26, 2008

Breaking News: Deadly violence targets Mumbai hotels

Gunmen rampaged through a series of targets in the Indian city of Mumbai killing indiscriminately and taking hostages at two luxury hotels. Mumbai police spokesman Satish Katsa said gunmen have taken over the Taj Mahal Hotel and Hotel Oberoi, and were holding hostages on multiple floors.
Flames and smoke poured from the Taj early Thursday, and at the Oberoi the military reportedly entered the building and a large explosion was heard shortly afterwards.
Earlier, A.N. Roy, the police chief of Maharashtra state, said there were ongoing battles at the two five-star hotels.
CNN-IBN, CNN's sister station in India, reported at least two explosions at the Taj. Are you there?
One witness told local reporters gunmen had tried to find people with U.S. or British passports and took about 15 of them hostage.
Andrew Stevens, a CNN anchor who was staying at the Taj Mahal with a CNN crew, estimated about half the hotel's guests were Westerners. source

Desiree Rogers, White House Social Secretary

Desirée Glapion Rogers (b. June 16, 1959) is an American public relations executive. On November 23, 2008, it was announced by Barack Obama's office of presidential transition, as the White House Social Secretary for the incoming administration, the first African American to serve in this function. source
Rogers, earned a Bachelor's degree in political science from Wellesley College in 1981. Rogers, earned a MBA from Harvard Business School. In 2002, Rogers attended the Harvard Kennedy School Women and Power Program. This program was designed for senior women executives, particularly private sector executives who have demonstrated an interest in public leadership. After graduate school, Rogers married John W. Rogers, Jr. and moved to Chicago, Illinois and began her career. Read more info here

Students Help School Switch Name to... Barack Obama Elementary

Some enterprising students at Ludlum Elementary, in Long Island have helped change the name of their school to Barack Obama Elementary. If nothing else, this is a wonderful reflection of the example president-elect Obama has set for youth the world over. Obama now joins the ranks of other prominent African Americans such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Paul Robeson, Marcus Garvey and others who have this distinction. Kudos to those kids and kudos to this country for finally seeking change.


Word of The Day

a misapplied or inappropriate name or designation.
an error in naming a person or thing.
"As European explorers mistook the Americas for India, the native peoples were called Indians. Similarly, the West Indies were so called after India. Ironically, the term "Native American" is not only just as wrong as "American Indian", but it is wrong in the same way; while the latter term implies that the people descended from the original population of the Americas were born elsewhere, the former term implies that they are the only inhabitants who were not. In a similar irony, the name "Indians" for those living on the Indian subcontinent was also applied by travelers from Europe and Asia Minor. The term referred to those peoples living beyond (from the travelers' point of view) the Hindus river. They applied the term "Indian" to the people and "Hindu" to the panopaly of religious beliefs of those people. Thus, there has never been any particular tribe or population of people, either in the western hemisphere or the eastern, who name themselves "Indian." The term has always only been used by outsiders, never (at least originally) by the people themselves who were labeled with that name. " source

Item of the Day

I'm in need of a new bed but I also need one with storage options since I live in a condo (space is limited). I found a really nice once with side storage, but way over my budget.

($1700) . source

November 25, 2008

Looks of The Day

Cadillac Records L.A. Premiere

My Perfume Collection

I am a perfume lover and these are my top scents that I have and luv.
1. Sean John Unforgivable Women
2. Narsico Rodrigues Her
3. Jlo Still
4. Baby Phat Golden
What are your fav scents?

Quote of The Day

Isihlahla saziwa ngezithelo zaso. (Zulu).

A tree is known by its fruit. (English)

The meaning is that a person's success is shown by his or her deeds. A person can talk, and talk convincingly. He or she may be an orator, or a bragger, and those listening to the person may believe him or her for a while. But, if there are no deeds to go with that talking, he or she may as well have kept quiet. One's story will be validated only by one's deeds. Some people are good at talking, but what they have done or are doing is the real proof. This Zulu proverb emphasizes that a person is successful because of actions, not words.

People can tell that this is a banana tree, or a peach tree, or an orange tree, by the fruit the tree produces. You can try to tell people that this banana tree is an orange tree all you want, but the fruit will tell the truth. So it is with us. You can claim you love the people all day long, but if you do not show it by being there for them, physically, emotionally, monetarily, or otherwise, then guess what? You do not. Your words mean nothing. Your deeds make the difference!

November 24, 2008

Michelle Obama Covers Newsweek Magazine

"The new First Lady will have the chance to knock down ugly stereotypes about black women and educate the world about American black culture more generally. But perhaps more important—even apart from what her husband can do—Michelle has the power to change the way African-Americans see ourselves, our lives and our possibilities."

2008 American Music Award Performances

Beyonce and Ne-Yo

Alicia Keys . Kanye West and Rihanna

2008 American Music Awards

Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, and Nicole @ the 2008 American Music Awards

November 23, 2008

Look of The Day

I love this dress, get your freakum dress on woot woot lol.

Unrepentant Berlusconi 'envious' of Obama 'tan'

I'm not surprised that Italian Prime Minister is envious of Obama and Naomi Campbell, considering he has a permanent tan himself.
"He told ANSA news agency his initial remark was intended as a "compliment," adding that he is equally "envious" of black supermodel Naomi Campbell.
"My compliment to Barack is a little envious," said Berlusconi, who had what he described as a "long, cordial" telephone conversation with the new occupant of the White House -- instigated by Obama -- on November 7."We would all like to be tanned like Naomi Campbell and Obama," said the self-made billionaire, who sports a permanent tan, during a press conference in Pescara, Italy." source
I know some people may take his comment as offensive but I see his comment as expressing what he truly desires to see himself as. I can count the amount of tanning salons where I live on my fingers and toes and the clientelle of these salons are non-black people.
But if I was to say that whites desire to have the same complexions as blacks, I would be looked at like an idiot. So I will let everyone guess for themselves. Suntanning products should really be called "melanin in a bottle, got none here's some "

MTV holds its first African music awards

Two Nigerian singers won top awards Saturday as MTV held its first-ever music award program for Africa, with acts from across the world's poorest continent being nominated for prizes.
Nigerian singer D'banj won the artist of the year award, while his compatriot, Naeto C, took the laurels for the best new African act, it was announced at the ceremony in Abuja, Nigeria's capital.
Winners were selected by fans sending text messages, said Alison Reid, a spokeswoman for MTV Networks Africa.

Africa has long featured a vibrant music scene, but artists have had difficulties breaking into overseas markets. Famous African artists include Senegal's Youssou N'dour, Nigerian legend Fela Kuti and South African impresario Miriam Makeba, who died this month.
MTV hopes the awards can offer the artists more exposure and celebrate the continent's artistry.

Performers from South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Gabon and others also were nominated. Songs by D'banj and Naeto C, both male, are all but ubiquitous on the radio in Nigeria, Africa's most-populous nation of 140 million people.

African music is highly varied, reflecting myriad tastes in the vast continent. Included across the many genres are call-and-response chanting and heavy drumming, drawing on pre-colonial modes of communication among villages.

Since independence movements swept the continent in the 1960s, African music also has increasingly been open to outside influence, incorporating salsa rhythms, rock beats and, increasingly, hip hop and R&B styles.

Many of the new Nigerian acts nominated Saturday feature heavy beats pioneered by American rappers and hip-hop artists. The lyrics often reflect the desire of many Nigerians to escape poverty and corrupt governance.

MTV's regional music channel MTV Base now reaches almost 50 million African viewers in 48 countries through a network of pay-per-view services and partnerships with domestic channels. Source

November 22, 2008

The Untold Black History: The Undeniable Evidence..

Luzia Woman is the name for the skeletal remains of a prehistoric woman found in a cave in Brazil, South America. Some archaeologists believe the young woman may have been part of the first wave of immigrants to South America. Named Luzia (her name pays homage to the famous African fossil "Lucy," who lived 3.2 million years ago), the 11,500 year-old skeleton was found in Lapa Vermelha, Brazil in 1975 by archaeologist Annette Laming-Emperaire.
Although dozens of skeletons have emerged from the caves dotting Lagoa Santa in eastern Brazil, this one in particular has recently caused a stir—25 years after it was dug up from a 40-foot-deep pit.

New dating of the bones have determined that Luzia is one of the most ancient American human skeletons ever discovered. Forensics have determined that Luzia died in her early 20s. Although flint tools were found nearby, hers are the only human remains in Vermelha Cave.
Her facial features include a narrow, oval cranium, projecting face and pronounced chin, leading Brazilian anthropologists to theorize that Luzia's predecessors traveled across the Bering Strait, perhaps following the coastline by boat, from northeast Asia, where her ancestors had lived for tens of thousands of years since human migrations from Africa. Dr. Walter Neves, anthropologist at the University of São Paulo, suggests that Luzia belonged to these people who began arriving in the New World as early as 15,000 years ago. Anthropologists have variously described her features as African, Australian aborigine, Melanesian, or Negrito. A facial reconstruction of Luzia's face was made by Richard Neave of Manchester University who stated that "I personally would stick my neck out and say it is conclusive support for his [Neve's] findings and demonstrates without any doubt at all" that Luzia was of non-Mongoloid origin. Continue reading here

Thanks to Ay*2*dah*ish

Pearls By Carol's Daughter

"When I create a scent the best part of creating it is sharing it with you. I love bringing you fragrances that are unique and unforgettable. Our new Eau de Toilette, Pearls by Carol's Daughter, is such a fragrance." - Lisa Price

Pearls by Carol's Daughter sparkles with lemon verbena and the luscious aspect of apricot and peach. The fragrance evolves into a voluptuous floral heart of intoxicating jasmine, rose and violet leaves topped off by warm vanilla and sweet caramel. In a word…delicious.

November 21, 2008

School chosen for Obama daughters

President-elect Barack Obama’s daughters will attend a private Washington school, a spokeswoman for Michelle Obama confirmed Friday.

Malia Obama, 10, and Sasha Obama, 7, will attend the prestigious Sidwell Friends school, which Chelsea Clinton attended while her father was in the White House in the 1990s.
“A number of great schools were considered,” said Katie McCormick Lelyveld, a spokeswoman for Michelle Obama. “In the end, the Obamas selected the school that was the best fit for what their daughters need right now”

Look of The Day

Solange @ MANGO boutique relaunch

The Palm Hotel opens in Dubai

A huge man-made island shaped like a date palm tree opened Thursday off the coast of Dubai with a celebrity-studded gala and a three-day party. The Palm Jumeirah increased Dubai's shoreline by 100 percent after work started on it in 2001.

It features resort hotels, homes, luxury shopping and entertainment.
Though the entire island officially opened Thursday, parts of it already opened weeks ago including the Atlantis, The Palm, a sister to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.
The Atlantis played host to the opening celebration Thursday night.

Stars including Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Robert De Niro, Janet Jackson and the Duchess of York were in attendance. Pop star Kylie Minogue performed at the party.
Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra started what was billed as the world's largest-ever fireworks display, with more than 100,000 pyrotechnic devices.

When work on the island began, a team of Dutch engineers were employed to create the Palm by using a technique called rainbowing -- a vessel dredging sand from the seabed and spraying and piling it onto the desired area and into the requested shape. Source

Quote of The Day

"I am wise enough to know that I don't have to take off my clothes to have true intimacy with a man."

November 20, 2008

Solange "Tony"

Gucci launching the Tattoo Heart Collection to Benefit UNICEF

When you purchase an item from the white Tattoo Heart Collection Gucci will donate 25% of the sale to support UNICEF programs for orphans and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. Valid November 19 2008 to January 31 2009.


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