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November 26, 2008

Word of The Day

a misapplied or inappropriate name or designation.
an error in naming a person or thing.
"As European explorers mistook the Americas for India, the native peoples were called Indians. Similarly, the West Indies were so called after India. Ironically, the term "Native American" is not only just as wrong as "American Indian", but it is wrong in the same way; while the latter term implies that the people descended from the original population of the Americas were born elsewhere, the former term implies that they are the only inhabitants who were not. In a similar irony, the name "Indians" for those living on the Indian subcontinent was also applied by travelers from Europe and Asia Minor. The term referred to those peoples living beyond (from the travelers' point of view) the Hindus river. They applied the term "Indian" to the people and "Hindu" to the panopaly of religious beliefs of those people. Thus, there has never been any particular tribe or population of people, either in the western hemisphere or the eastern, who name themselves "Indian." The term has always only been used by outsiders, never (at least originally) by the people themselves who were labeled with that name. " source

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