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November 25, 2008

Quote of The Day

Isihlahla saziwa ngezithelo zaso. (Zulu).

A tree is known by its fruit. (English)

The meaning is that a person's success is shown by his or her deeds. A person can talk, and talk convincingly. He or she may be an orator, or a bragger, and those listening to the person may believe him or her for a while. But, if there are no deeds to go with that talking, he or she may as well have kept quiet. One's story will be validated only by one's deeds. Some people are good at talking, but what they have done or are doing is the real proof. This Zulu proverb emphasizes that a person is successful because of actions, not words.

People can tell that this is a banana tree, or a peach tree, or an orange tree, by the fruit the tree produces. You can try to tell people that this banana tree is an orange tree all you want, but the fruit will tell the truth. So it is with us. You can claim you love the people all day long, but if you do not show it by being there for them, physically, emotionally, monetarily, or otherwise, then guess what? You do not. Your words mean nothing. Your deeds make the difference!

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Anonymous said...

I really like this quote..


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