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November 19, 2008

Anahuac Women Speak: Reclaiming the Liberation

Nican Tlaca is a term that the Mexica Movement coined in the first couple of years of the 21st century as term to identify all of the Indigenous people of the "Western Hemisphere" (what is called "North and South America").

Nican Tlaca is our Nahuatl (Mexica) language way of saying "We the people here", in reference to all of us who are Indigenous to Cemanahuac (what Europeans call "the Western Hemisphere") and more specific to Anahuac which is the northern part of Cemanahuac (which is falsely called "North America").

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Anonymous said...

Great video..!!!

Anonymous said...

White people are something,should I said Europeans.They tried their best to destroyed other's identities,dont they?

I was laughing so hard when 7 years old cousin told me that she never seen a White person.She meantin term of colour,like shoes,clothes..She said that they are more like beige lol.Her words but this country start them early with race,color etc...
She comes home crying because people keep asking her if she's Asian due to her eyes.I told her that she's beautiful and that's all that matter.

Beauty Is Diverse said...

"They tried their best to destroyed other's identities,dont they?"

Yes they did try their hardest to destroy our identities.


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