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November 26, 2008

Breaking News: Deadly violence targets Mumbai hotels

Gunmen rampaged through a series of targets in the Indian city of Mumbai killing indiscriminately and taking hostages at two luxury hotels. Mumbai police spokesman Satish Katsa said gunmen have taken over the Taj Mahal Hotel and Hotel Oberoi, and were holding hostages on multiple floors.
Flames and smoke poured from the Taj early Thursday, and at the Oberoi the military reportedly entered the building and a large explosion was heard shortly afterwards.
Earlier, A.N. Roy, the police chief of Maharashtra state, said there were ongoing battles at the two five-star hotels.
CNN-IBN, CNN's sister station in India, reported at least two explosions at the Taj. Are you there?
One witness told local reporters gunmen had tried to find people with U.S. or British passports and took about 15 of them hostage.
Andrew Stevens, a CNN anchor who was staying at the Taj Mahal with a CNN crew, estimated about half the hotel's guests were Westerners. source

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