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November 28, 2008


We are into our second week of this initiative.

You can get involved by: (1) Making a donation (Min. of $25), (2) Helping spreading the word, (3) Fathers come out with your child to the event, (4) Male and Females Volunteers needed.

We would like to thank those that have sent in gift cards already, but we need more people from the community to get involved.

Breaking Cycles and Stereotypes:

Black Daddies Club (BDC) is a community initiative aimed at improving the image of black fathers in society. The goal of our organization is to break down certain stereotypes and replace them with positive ones regarding the role of the black father. Examples of community-based programming BDC currently runs are monthly forums which allow community members a chance to speak out and high school mentorship programs which provide youth living in at-risk neighbourhoods positive opportunities to develop role models.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, BDC feels that it is imperative to give back to those in need. We have decided to align with York Town Shelter for Women ( located in Toronto to provide aid for its members. BDC presents Housewarming: Holiday Drive will be an event aimed at providing the shelter's women with the basic necessities to get them back on their feet. According to the shelter's coordinator, poverty is the one challenge these women face when they go out on their own. BDC hopes to provide these women with an extra push and support to succeed on their own.

We are asking you, the community, to help us make this event a success. We're asking that you purchase gift cards for the following stores: Wal-Mart, Zellers, Metro, No Frills, Food Basics, The Bay, Home Depot, Rona and/or Lowes. With these gift cards women will be able to buy their own necessities to make their transition from shelter to independent living a smooth one. Make this event a family oriented one! Get your children involved in deciding what store to buy the gift cards from or even better; ask that they use their allowance to help out. This event will help to teach that valuable lesson that the holidays are not only about receiving, but also about giving. We ask that the gift cards be of a minimum of $25. Collaborating with friends and family to purchase a gift card to help a woman in need will make an excellent holiday memory. Please get involved.

BDC presents Housewarming: Holiday Drive will take place on Sunday, December 21, 2008 at the YMCA downtown (Grosvenor Street, College/Yonge). We invite all of you, the BDC members, fathers and their children especially, to come out and take part in the event. We will be gift wrapping, preparing homemade holiday cards and arts and crafts to be given to the women. A representative of York Town Shelter for Women will then be presented with these items and gifts. To respect the privacy and personal safety of the women in the shelter we will not be personally delivering the donations.

It is a harsh reality that many of these women in the shelter have been in negative circumstances with men. We at BDC feel that Housewarming: Holiday Drive will help to paint a more positive image of men in some of these women's eyes, allowing them to trust and feel safe again.

Please help make this event a successful one! Stay tuned for more information or contact the following if you have questions:

Brandon Hay , Rehema Vuo

Founder, BDC Publicist, BDC

416 951 6075 416 910 2682

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice initiative. Good for them.


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