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May 31, 2008

50 Cent's Long Island Mansion Destroyed !

Can you say "suspicious"? 50 Cent's multi-million dollar Long Island home was destroyed by fire this morning. The destroyed home was the center of recent baby-mama involving the rap star and ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins, the mother of 50's 10-year-old son Marquise Jackson.

After an ongoing child support battle with Tompkins, 50 appeared before a judge and requested that Tompkins and their son be removed from the rapper's Long Island, New York, home. The rapper claimed Tompkins was given ample opportunity to find another residence, but made no attempt to relocate from his Dix Hills mansion. source

May 30, 2008

Usher Covers Vibe & Nas Album Cover

The title of Nas's album has been changed to "NAS" the message he is pushing shows clearly in the album cover. (wow)

Sights: Salvador, Bahia

Market (Mercado Modelo) by the bay.

African-Brazilians make up the majority of the population in Salvador.

The city of Salvador is notable in Brazil for its cuisine, music and architecture, and its metropolitan area is the wealthiest in the northeastern region of the country. Over 80% of the population of metropolitan region of Salvador is of Black African origin, and African influence in many cultural aspects of the city makes it the center of Afro-Brazilian culture. The historical center of Salvador, frequently called the Pelourinho, is rich in historical monuments dating from the 17th through the 19th centuries and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985. source

Jennifer Hudson: Sex and the City

Jennifer Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sex and the City writer/director Michael Patrick King share the importance of including a Black woman in the film By Charreah Jackson

Although Hudson admits she was a late convert to the SATC domination, watching the show for consecutive days and traveling with the DVD box set not only brought her up to speed but also helped her gain a better understanding and appreciation of the seriousness of her role, which would add color to the cult classic.

“I hope I represent us well,” said Hudson. “It is such an honor to be the new character and African-American woman. Of all the people they could have chosen, I get to be The One. Michael [Patrick King, the film’s writer and director] let me know he really wanted me for the role and had me in mind when he wrote the character. Luckily, things worked out.” continue reading

Kanye West: Flashing Lights (3rd Version)

May 29, 2008

Tyra Banks: New York Times

Tyra Banks will be featured on the July Issue of New York Times June 1st 2008. Interesting cover Tyra being compared to Oprah and Martha.

Limited Edition Ernst Benz

"Mary J Blige, Eric Dane and Russell Simmons each have designed a limited edition Ernst Benz watch to benefit Chrysalis, the nonprofit association that helps men and women transition from poverty. The collection, dubbed Time for Change, will offer a numbered series of 24 watches per designer in honor of Chrysalis' 24th anniversary. Fifty percent of the proceeds from each watch sold — which range from $4,000 to $22,000 — will go to Chrysalis." source thefashionbomb

Meagan Good on Upscale Magazine

Usher: Why ridicule my love life?

"I'm a guy that decided to marry a woman -- a black woman -- that wasn't perfect, that had flaws, that through all in all, she's been successful on her own. ... and that's a bad thing. I decided to marry this woman, then I decide to be a father to my child," he says with a laugh. "And that's a bad thing. It's not like I got caught with a gram of coke in my car or speeding or was caught for murder, so why would I be ridiculed, that's why I don't understand -- that's the part that is mind boggling. Why would I be ridiculed for that, even a year later." read full story here

News Updates: May 29 2008

Charity: UN Peacekeepers, Aid Workers Abusing Kids

R. Kelly Trial Enters Second Week

Graduation Rates, Gender Disparity Causing Concern at HBCUs

May 28, 2008

The Sex And The City Movie New York Premiere

Yes that is Lil Kim folks in the pink.

Maya Angelou in Toronto June 13, 2008

Maya Angelou: Part of Unique Lives and Experiences

Roy Thomson Hall
60 Simcoe Street
(416) 872-4255
Friday June 13, 2008 7:30pm , $40.00 - $85.00

Hailed as one of the greatest speakers of our time, Maya Angelou's
words have been a source of inspiration, comfort, encouragement and
strength for millions of people around the world.

A poet, playwright, producer, director, conductor, actor, best-selling
author, social activist, and 3 time Grammy Winner, she claims no single
profession and excels at all she undertakes. Although Dr. Angelou, a
long standing friend of Unique Lives, does not take part in the series'
trademark question and answer period, she has mesmerized audiences with
her vigor and filled them with the fire of her spoken word. Join us for
an unforgettable evening with the legendary Maya Angelou.

Musical Guest Dione Taylor.

Cherish group member Neosha King Weds
The Atlanta R&B singer marries in a beachfront wedding

As waves silently washed upon the Florida shore, Neosha King, member of R&B group Cherish, said she appreciated the coolness the suddenly overcast skies offered in welcome relief from the sweltering heat. For the Atlanta bride, it was a picture-perfect day to exchange vows with her beau of six years, Jason Lawrence.

That evening, Saturday, May 3, at 6:30 P.M., Neosha, 23, and Jason, 24, became husband and wife in a small, intimate seaside ceremony in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Flanked by six bridesmaids, Neosha was stunning in a white halter-top dress that was trimmed with her grandmother's gold-tone antique jewelry. Jason was handsome in a white three-piece suit, flanked by six groomsmen.
continue reading

Ugly Betty: The Musical’ Coming to Broadway?

ABC’s hit drama Ugly Betty may be turning into a Broadway musical production soon!

Michael Urie, aka Wilhemina’s assistant Marc, told British radio station Heart, “They do want to do an Ugly Betty musical, a full-on Broadway musical, but it’s all hush-hush. I think it would be great, and they should use the cast from the show. I think we would all do it, although we maybe don’t dance and sing as well as professional singers and dancers. I think it would be fun for us to do it for a while, and then they could get real people in. They definitely want to do an episode that is a musical one, but then they want to do a full stage show. I think it’s a great idea. It would definitely work.” source

Stuck In The Middle by Womanist Musings

As a Woc I find myself often being pulled in two different directions. White women often try to play the sisterhood game and remind me why feminism is important. Black men are quick to remind me of the racism that we are subject to, as a reason why I should identify with civil rights movements, and or equity projects. Both white women and black men always seem to approach with their hands out ( in friendship they claim) when actuality they are both looking for something. It is never a neutral request, it is always a demand for solidarity, despite the fact that declaring so may be counter productive to my needs as a WOC. continue reading @womanist-musings

May 27, 2008

Look of The Day

African models, designers promote peace in Kenya

Scores of top African designers and models held a show in Nairobi National Park at the weekend to raise money for victims of Kenya's post-election violence and show a different face to their continent.
The "Fashion for Peace" event drew mainly West and East African models onto a catwalk in a marquee under the moonlight on savannah usually known for its lions and rhinos.
"Fashion for Peace will not change the world, although it does aim at changing people's negative perceptions of Kenya and Africa in other countries," organizers said in a statement.
"And it is a call for peace." Continue reading

Nelson Mandela: Musical Project Broadway Bound

By Karu F. Daniels,

Guess who's coming to Broadway?

Nelson Mandela.

And the South African civil rights icon wont be coming to sit in for the show – he will be the show.

A new musical about the South African struggle for freedom from apartheid and the leaders of that movement will be based in part on a forthcoming memoir by his daughter Zindzi Mandela, assisted by South African theater veteran Welcome Msomi. Continue reading

Boutique Watch: Leila Fowler, Lagos, Nigeria; Funke Fowler.

Owner Funke Fowler (Middle)

Lagos Nigeria witnessed the opening of the newest Chic Boutique it is yet to have; Leila Fowler.

Click below:

Interview: Owner of New upscale Boutique - Leila Fowler, Lagos, Nigeria; Funke Fowler.

Women in Civilization

Ancient Africans had a deep seated respect for women. Charles Finch in the book Echoes of the Old Darkland explains that early man did not know the link between sex and birth. Therefore, it was believed that new life was created by the woman, the mother alone. It was perceived that all life in nature emerged from women ALONE. Therefore when the first concept of God was developed, the female served as the model of the Supreme Being. Finch explains how it was under this initial Matriarchal System that the first rules and taboos to govern human behaviour were articulated. Another important contribution of ancient woman can be seen in the fact that as the gatherer of grains, seeds, roots berries and plants to the group, we had the opportunity to observe how seeds sprout when they fall in the ground. This observation led to the practice of organized cultivation. It was the woman who probably led to the practice of purposeful cultivation. This may have happened as early as 15,000 BC. It is the practice of agriculture that made population expansion, food surpluses and community settlement possible. Continue reading


Iman was one of the worlds first ‘African Supermodel’, a stylishly Somali born girl who was recruited by an American photographer ‘Peter Beard’. Iman took the world by storm with her striking features and extremely brown skin.

She attended high school in Egypt, and pursued a Political Science degree at the University of Kenya, Nairobi. A very intelligent & educated model, she is multi-lingual and fluent in five languages.

She is a household name in the modelling/fashion/cosmetic industry, CEO of “Iman cosmetics” a skincare and a fragrance line, her collection boasts of a wide range of perfect skin matching cosmetics products for women of colour. Continue reading

Quote of The Day

" Happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not material wealth. Happiness comes from giving, not getting. If we try hard to bring happiness to others, we cannot stop it from coming to us also. To get joy, we must give it, and to keep joy, we must scatter it. "

~John Templeton

May 26, 2008

Sister Souljah’s Coldest Winter Ever Sequel

By Felicia Pride@ blackvoices

It's been nine long years since the release of Sister Souljah's groundbreaking and gritty novel The Coldest Winter Ever. A bestseller, the book has more than one million copies in print and I don't know about you, but I haven't come across too many people who haven't read it.

I remember being put on to the book at the hair salon years ago. Everyone talked about Winter Santiaga and her never-ending quest to be the baddest broad, no matter the consequences.

I have a good feeling everyone will be talking about the second installment too. source

Bon Voyage on a Budget

Fly Someplace Fabulous
For travel to another country or continent, search online for packages that combine airfare and hotel to save cash (see the sidebar “Take It to the Web,” page 180, for some smart sites that will help you scrimp painlessly). “We’ve seen savings as high as 40 percent over booking a flight and hotel independently,” says Arabella Bowen, editorial vice-president of ShermansTravel Media (shermans Got the beach on the brain? “For the best value, U.S. travelers should look for islands whose currency is pegged to the dollar, like the Bahamas, or countries like Mexico whose peso is very stable with the dollar,” says Jim Hobbs, founder of Cheap, a site for discounted island vacations. Yearning to visit the Motherland? Consider the winter “secret season” in South Africa, which starts in May (go to for a list of tour operators). Read more & source

May 25, 2008

King's first grandchild born at Atlanta hospital

The first grandchild of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. is a girl.

A family spokeswoman says Arndrea Waters King, wife of Martin Luther King III, gave birth to Yolanda Renee King on Sunday at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. Spokeswoman Sandra Tarver says the mother and baby are healthy.

The baby was named after her aunt, Martin Luther King Jr.'s eldest daughter Yolanda, who died in May 2007, Tarver says.

Martin Luther King III married shortly after his mother's death in January 2006, but the wedding was not made public until this year.

He was the first of Martin Luther King Jr.'s four children to marry and the first to have a child. Source

Clinging to the Roots

Clinging to the roots of African culture based solely on the land called Africa is not enough to sustain survival. We must be conscious of Africans all over the world and unite spiritually, economically and politically; recognizing that the common thread of our survival is our history, culture and the spiritual nature expressed in our culture.

Baba Kwasi Charles Harris

More from Cannes

May 24, 2008

Beyonce To Follow Tina Turner's Steps And Do James Bond Theme Song

It's been speculated BUT not confirmed that Beyonce has been approached by the producers of the next James Bond film, 'Quantum of Solace', to create the theme song for the film.

If she agrees, Beyonce will be working with longtime James Bond composer John Barry. She will then join that ranks of Shirley Bassey, Gladys Knight and Tina Turner as the only African American women to the have the honor of creating the theme song for such a long lasting franchise.

Shirley Bassey did not one, but three theme songs - 'Goldfinger' (1964), 'Diamonds Are Forever' (1971) and 'Moonraker' (1979).

Gladys Knight sang 'License To Kill' in 1989.

Tina Turner did 'Goldeneye' in 1995.

Earlier this year, Beyonce honored Tina Turner at the Grammy Awards 2008.

News Updates: May 24 2008

A First Lady of a different kind

As rescue continues, China death toll could exceed 80,000

Clinton apologizes for Kennedy assassination comment

Winston-Salem State University Launches "Real Men Teach" Initiative

An initiative to get more African-American males to pursue careers in education called "Real Men Teach" was recently launched at Winston-Salem State University.

University officials and community representatives celebrated the launch of the program at a dinner in the Albert H. Anderson Conference Center on Thursday, May 1. The primary goal of the program is to enhance the visibility, quantity and quality of male students graduating from Winston-Salem State University in the field of Education.

Twenty-eight African-American men from WSSU's faculty and staff, and members of the community, signed a two-year commitment as volunteers to mentor 14 WSSU male students in this inaugural class, who had expressed an interest in the teaching profession or were declared Education majors. The 14 mentees also signed a similar commitment agreement. source

Will Smith's Private School

Will Smith has started his own private school in Calabasas, California for children from pre-kindergarten to grade 6 called the New Village Academy. It emphasizes learning by doing, technology and individualized instruction. According to the school’s website, which makes no mention of Smith, they will provide every child with a laptop computer, including pre-k students, and serve an all-organic low-fat sugar-free menu. It will cost $12,500 a year for grades 3-6 and $11,500 for K-2, with financial aid available for families who qualify.

Smith homeschools his two younger children, Jaden, 9 and Willow, 7, and told People Magazine last year that he wanted “to design the system that revolutionizes public education.” source

Alicia’s Keys to Innovation

Alicia Keys and Lexus honor students at Frederick A. Douglass High School under a “Keys to Innovation” environmental initiative for their environmental achievements on Thursday in New Orleans, Louisiana. source

May 23, 2008

Why bother with calling me a bitch when you can just shoot me?

Article from essential presence
There was a time when if you rebuffed a stranger's advances, if you didn't give him your phone number he would just call you a bitch and tell you that you aren't shit. And as his friends laughed at his witty response they would all walk or drive off.

Now, young Black women have to choose between some bug-a-boo calling their cell phone or risk getting shot. 18-year-old Mildred Beaubrun and her friends were out after a night of fun when they came across a vehicle of animals who wanted a phone number. continue reading


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