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November 6, 2008

Calif. Voters Approve Gay-Marriage Ban

California voters have approved a constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage, overturning the state Supreme Court decision that gave gay couples the right to wed just months ago. The passage of Proposition 8 represents a crushing political defeat for gay rights activists, who had hoped public opinion on the contentious issue had shifted enough to help them defeat the measure.It also represents a personal loss for the thousands of couples from California and others states who got married in the brief window when they could. Legal experts have said it will have to be resolved in court whether their unions still are valid. source


Anonymous said...

I'm still very pissed,disappointed, saddened, and hurt by this. Acts like this pull us back. When will people get it and see the bigger picture???

Beauty Is Diverse said...

I'm surprised it was banned to considering they allowed just a few months ago. What I don't like is that now they are trying to blame blacks as the reason why it was banned.

Unknown said...

I saw those same statistics, and I don't like it either.
But, on the other hand I can't say I don't believe it.
As I was walking to my polling place I saw these college kids handing out some kind of flyer (electioneering? I didn't approve) to people going to vote. This hippy-looking white girl tried to give flyers to a group of black women walking in front of me. One of them shoved her out of the way and the rest of them filed past as fast as they could. I thought the kids had to be some crazy animal rights activists trying to hand out Prop 2 flyers with pictures of dead farm animals on them or something. But when I got there I saw they just said "No on Prop 8" This was enough to make a woman push her off the sidewalk. Like I said, I don't approve of electioneering (I guess they were more than 100 feet from the polling place but it's still shady) but I took one anyway just to show that not all the black people she'd see that day would act like that...

Beauty Is Diverse said...

I think the stats are fake personal, they just want to cause some tension between people.

Unknown said...

what was that quote from Mark Twain about the 3 kinds of untruths- lies, damn lies, and statistics?... I look at them and doubt they could be accurate; for starters they totally ignore asians, a big population segment here.

It is easy for me to believe blacks would vote that way, but harder to believe we were the only ones... Not that that makes it any better


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