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November 18, 2008

Sister Souljah Speaks on 'Midnight'

sequel (noun) A published, broadcast or recorded work that continues the story or develops the theme of an earlier one.
prequel (noun) A story or movie containing events that precede those of an existing work.

Sister Souljah wants to make it clear that her latest book, 'Midnight,' is not a sequel to 'The Coldest Winter Ever.' It's a prequel.

And for those who have been writing her and calling her hotline for the last ten years, urging her to hurry up and write the sequel to her smash success, 'The Coldest Winter Ever,' they may be waiting for a very long time.

"I wrote 'The Coldest Winter Ever' as a complete work. If I were to do a sequel, let's look at the story: At the end of the book, Winter went to jail and was sentenced to 15 years. When Winter comes out of prison at 33, will her story still be hot? Would she have the same confidence? Her mom is dead, her father is doing life. These are real things that happened. She doesn't have the same resources. Do you really hold the same position when you're 33? Can you talk all of that shit you talked when you were a teenager? No! So what makes that so hot?

"I loved 'The Coldest Winter Ever,' I would be a fool not to love it. I wrote it. I imagined it. I put it into circulation. But I wrote it in a complete form -- a beginning, middle, and an end."

The overwhelming reaction to 'The Coldest Winter Ever' and people's connection to the characters was what sparked the creation of Midnight. Souljah said she would be on lecture tours for the book and invariably women would want to know about this character, Midnight, who had a very limited role in 'The Coldest Winter Ever' but seemed to be so vivid and real for so many.

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Beauty Is Diverse said...

Im currently reading her book and I think its great so far. And im so in love with Midnight. And i'm learning lots about Sudanese culture.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that she addressed this. I've talked with a few folks and they were disappointed but, I guess because of this reason they thought it was a sequel.

Lenoxave said...

I'm going to buy this one and take it w/me on the plane. I enjoyed "Coldest Winter Ever" and Midnight sounds like an incredible individual.

Beauty Is Diverse said...

"Midnight sounds like an incredible individual."

He is indeed


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