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November 11, 2008

E. Aminata Brown, Founder of BaBa Blankets

BaBa Blankets is a textile company based in Accra, Ghana that specializes in bedding including sheets, duvets, sham covers, blankets and more that capture the vibrant beauty of West African culture.

But the BaBa Blankets story is so much more than the beautiful products they produce. BaBa Blankets is a social enterprise.

Founded by E. Aminata Brown, BaBa Blankets is a women's collective that provides under-educated women in Ghana with a creative growth environment, as well as sustainable income and other vital resources. Instead of charity, they rely solely on proceeds from sales to fund their social development objectives.

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The BaBa Blankets story begins with the girls from Ghana's northern region known as "kaya yo" or load carriers. Their dream to "learn to sew" was the inspiration behind the BaBa Blankets social enterprise. Watch the video now.

About E. Aminata Brown
"For me, BaBa Blankets symbolize the infinite beauty possible when we empower each other to learn, grow, and collectively reach our true potential."

As a Languages student, Aminata fell in love with the romance of French culture and likewise, developed a deep intrigue in her cultural African roots. Throughout her schooling and professional career, she gained an even deeper love for her own African heritage and a special interest in its rich cultural legacy.

In 2000, Aminata, a resident of Ghana at the time, stumbled upon a makeshift market community through a brief encounter with a young kaya yo girl named Ayisha. It wasn't long before Aminata realized that Ayisha was just one of thousands of kaya ye living in the Agbogbloshie food market.

Aminata felt especially touched by the kaya ye and their experience in the market. She saw in them a deeply inspiring level of courage and determination to move forward in their lives. She admired their willingness to work hard for an opportunity when they might have easily begged for handouts instead. She felt called to do something...anything that would better honor their efforts and their greater potential.

Shortly after, Aminata founded BaBa Blankets to create inspiring cultural works that provide sustainable income and well-deserved development opportunities for African women and girls.
Aminata currently resides in Accra, Ghana on a part-time basis and recently relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana to open the premiere BaBa Blankets retail store.

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