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May 7, 2008

Why Is Mainstream Media Ignoring Statutory Rape Allegations Against Karl Malone?

When we learned that Buffalo Bills draft pick Demetrius Bell was the son of NBA legend Karl Malone, and that Malone played no part in Bell's upbringing, it was a story that made a lot of people sad. And then when the Buffalo News reported that Bell's mother was 12 or 13 when Malone got her pregnant, it was a story that made a lot of people angry. read full story here

"It seems that Karl has a history of this type of behavior. If you recall, he also didn’t acknowledge his twin children until they were grown as well.

Like Gina, I’m sickened that mainstream media hasn’t latched on to this story, but I suppose that’s because it involves Black women - and we know how they feel about us." source Exquisitely black

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