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May 30, 2008

Jennifer Hudson: Sex and the City

Jennifer Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sex and the City writer/director Michael Patrick King share the importance of including a Black woman in the film By Charreah Jackson

Although Hudson admits she was a late convert to the SATC domination, watching the show for consecutive days and traveling with the DVD box set not only brought her up to speed but also helped her gain a better understanding and appreciation of the seriousness of her role, which would add color to the cult classic.

“I hope I represent us well,” said Hudson. “It is such an honor to be the new character and African-American woman. Of all the people they could have chosen, I get to be The One. Michael [Patrick King, the film’s writer and director] let me know he really wanted me for the role and had me in mind when he wrote the character. Luckily, things worked out.” continue reading

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