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May 13, 2008

Ladies First: Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys and Jill Scott

Hip-hop may be dead, but R&B is alive and kicking with artists Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys and Jill Scott holding it down. Rounding up three multiplatinum, Grammy-winning chart-toppers is no small feat, especially when they’re stationed in different cities and different time zones. Did we mention that one of them was on tour (Mary), one had just come off tour (Jill), and the other was between tours (Alicia)?

For us, Alicia, Mary and Jill are the truth and the light in R&B. During the past year, they, along with other female singers, have bumped the ’hood boys off the top of the charts. No offense, . fellas, but it’s always ladies first here. As the following excerpts from individual chats with each artist reveal, when it comes to penning hits, embracing success, and keeping ahead of the curve, it’s always about the music. Continue reading

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