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May 17, 2008

Big Boot: Oprah Winfrey Ends Her Own Show

Oprah Winfrey giveth and she taketh away!

The talk show titan has canceled her own show, opting not to bring back her debut reality series, 'Oprah's Big Give' for a second season.

In a shocking move, Winfrey, 54, asked ABC executives not to renew her weekly primetime show about charitable giving.

"We loved that show and absolutely would have loved to bring it back," ABC entertainment president Steve McPherson said yesterday during an upfront press conference. "But it was something [Oprah] didn't want to do."

Despite winning its time slot each week on Sunday nights, critics pretty much panned the feel-good series.

On 'Big Give,' an eclectic group of 10 contestants traveled the country attempting to outdo their opponents in helping unsuspecting people tackling a diverse array of extraordinary circumstances. source

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vogued out!!! said...

Ummm What Oprah? thanks for posting.


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