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May 24, 2008

Winston-Salem State University Launches "Real Men Teach" Initiative

An initiative to get more African-American males to pursue careers in education called "Real Men Teach" was recently launched at Winston-Salem State University.

University officials and community representatives celebrated the launch of the program at a dinner in the Albert H. Anderson Conference Center on Thursday, May 1. The primary goal of the program is to enhance the visibility, quantity and quality of male students graduating from Winston-Salem State University in the field of Education.

Twenty-eight African-American men from WSSU's faculty and staff, and members of the community, signed a two-year commitment as volunteers to mentor 14 WSSU male students in this inaugural class, who had expressed an interest in the teaching profession or were declared Education majors. The 14 mentees also signed a similar commitment agreement. source


Ebony Intuition said...

"If you look at education most principles and higher administration or males even though they are a smaller percentage of teachers."

You know what that is true, i'm just realizing that. Even in the banking field the ratio of women is way more then men but the men are in the higher positions at the bank (I work at one)

chocolate_matters said...

Speaking as a brother who is pursuing the field of education, I applaud this university for addressing the shortage of males of color in this profession. They are desperately needed as two few of our children have very few male role models to look up to. I also like the program in South Carolina called "Call me mister" which is recruiting young males of color into the teaching profession. Thanks for posting this.


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