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May 14, 2008

African Americans Resettling in Ghana

Shukura Sentwali is going home -- to Ghana, West Africa.

Sentwali, a Wichitan and longtime community activist, said she's moving to Africa next year because two Ghanaian chiefs are offering free land to descendants of slaves.

The gesture means to atone for Ghana's participation in the African slave trade, but the land holds deeper meaning for Sentwali because it provides her a way to fulfill a lifelong mission to improve life for black people. Continue reading


Nnabakyaala Afrika said...

This is GREAT!

I definately have to look into this because I am moving to Uganda. It won't hurt to be able to travel back and forth to Ghana as well!

Nnabakyaala Afrika

Ebony Intuition said...

I was looking at the floor plans and prices its very cost effective less than 70g's for a home and the floor plans are amazing..


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