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May 2, 2008

Say Word !! Jay & Bey's Pre Nup's

Beyonce is worth estimated $100 million and Jay-Z is worth estimated $300 million.

She will have access to all the money, accounts, cars, NetJet private plane service, the yacht, homes and offices they share during the marriage.

She will get $10 million after 2 years of marriage, then $1 million every year of marriage up to 15 years.

$5 million dollars for every child she has by him.

If they split, she will get $10 million plus a house worth $10 million and she will get to keep all clothes, jewelry and gifts earned during the marriage.

Source: Wendy Williams


Ebony Intuition said...

Beyonce you go girl, I wish these to all the best. I know some people (aka haters) are going to say she's a gold digger etc . If people would only learn that this is how wealth is carried on for generations to come in the family lineage ,family structure.

Matriarchal societies


Anonymous said...

go beyonce

Anonymous said...

so true about the matriarchal societes


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