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May 1, 2008

Protesters across America call for immigration reform

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in U.S. cities Thursday to protest federal immigration raids and deportations and to call for comprehensive immigration reform. continue reading

Below I've posted an article written by:Amigos :
Illegal Immigrants ??
I'm very concerned about this rash of hatred and racism that I've seen direct towards people of color lately. It seems the American public has been brainwashed to blame the victims of capitalism without looking to the true culprits. First and foremost, white people are the true illegal immigrants. They came here, stole the land, killed the native peoples to the tune of 15 million or more (for which they've never been held accountable), enslaved Africans to build their wealth (again, not held accountable) and CONTINUE to this day to manipulate the educational system to keep people of color undereducated and forever tied to the poor and slave labor class.

Mexicans are looking for a chance to provide for their families. HOW THE HELL COULD THAT BE ILLEGAL! News flash, this was their land first, before the Spanish and the British made up their imaginary borders. It is the corporate machine that is paying them pennies, that they can't make in their own home, that feeds this worker issue. Are they taking jobs from Americans? I don't know one American that would labor that hard for a couple dollars a day. Not one. If we didn't have such an imbalance the distribution of wealth in this nation, if people of color could make a decent salary without having to put their lives in danger, live like criminals, then this wouldn't be a problem.

People are screaming, "They are doing what we used to do, they are taking jobs from us, and they need to be stopped." Yes, people used to work in inhuman conditions and it was called slavery. How in the world anyone could BLAME people of color without looking at the evil masterminds, who perpetuate it criminal practice of paying people less than they are worth, boggles my mind. We want to enact legislation to keep people from having basic rights yet we do and say nothing about corporate CEOs getting $500 million dollar bonuses A YEAR. We have the nerve to blame people of color who aren't making $500 a month. That's delusional and racist.

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Anonymous said...

"That's delusional and racist"

got that right, no one want's to look at the true culprits always want to blame people who have it the worst.


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