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May 5, 2008

Black News Television Network scheduled to go live in 2009

Article from Blackwomenvote

Is it possible? Have we actually taken a step toward the promised land?

Two weeks ago, former Congressman and CNN political analyst J.C. Watts inked a deal with Comcast for a 24/7 Black Television News Channel, (BTNC).

Mr. Watts says that he wants to 'combat racial stereotypes perpetuated by mainstream media and our enterprising black communities'. Read more here: article

Here are my questions for them:

1. While this television channel going to be targeted toward Black Americans, will the subject matter include perspectives that are more global in nature (including African, Carribbean, Black European, etc?)

2. Will they provide newswire services to independent newspapers, bloggers and magazines?

3. What is the target age group/demographic?

4. What ethical policies do they intend to implement concerning advertisers (for example, will they accept funding from companies that enable the genocide in Darfur?)

5. Will this television station perpetuate the same hueism and eurocentric standards of beauty that other black content providers do?
Will there still be a glaring absence of darker skinned sisters?

6. As a 'socially conservative' network, how tolerant will it be of liberal ideologies and alternative vantage points? Will gays, feminists, etc have a voice?
Will black women have equal access to key positions of decision making authority?

7. Can I have a job? (Just kidding. Although I might consider a Queens' Council television show)
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Those are some good questions that black women vote asked...


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