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April 29, 2009

Wendy Luhabe - Chairwoman of Industrial Development Corporation, South Africa

Luhabe is one of the co-founders of Women Investment Portfolio Holdings (WIPHOLD), a private equity investment fund. WIPHOLD is unique in its nature in that it gave poor South African women the opportunity to invest in some of South Africa's largest companies.

“I have always been involved in the empowerment of women,” Luhabe explained to the class. “WIPHOLD made it possible to give these women more visibility and take power of their own financial independence. It encouraged a group of women to get involved in economic opportunities and become more active in the South African economy.” Read full article here.


Kimberly Michelle said...

I find this post extremely interesting because I'm really into the "business arena" but have never heard of this woman. And after reading this I feel empowered and thankful for people like her. I truly admire individuals who give back and help their people. Love this read =).

Claire said...

Great profiles you post on women all over the globe.


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