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April 18, 2009

The Picture Perfect Movie

The Story: In what seems like a perfect life, three beautiful women who are pushing thirty make bold attempts to change their lives even when destiny plays its joke on them. With a marriage that seems almost doomed from the beginning, to an affair with an unlikely candidate and the endless pursuit of love, three friends will learn the harsh lessons of life, the challenges of marriage, the fatality of falling in love and the rewards of having a good laugh in the mist of sorrow.

The perfect picture offers a colorful and humorous insight into a world where everything is as perfect as your life and that of your friends. Click here to view trailer


Dwana said...

This looks so good and my type of movie!

Fly Girl said...

Where can I see this? It's obviously a Canadian production but I would love to see it. Do oyu think I could get it on Netflix?

Yayemarie said...

that sounds really interesting, thank u for letting us know abt it:)


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