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April 25, 2009

Nubian Class Opens for the First Time

In April 2009, TDSB Continuing Education launched the city's first Nubian language and culture class for elementary students. The class, part of International Languages and African Heritage Elementary Programs, is offered on Saturday mornings at Dr. Marion Hilliard Senior Public School in Toronto's east end. This partnership between the TDSB and the Nubian community is historic. The last time the Nubian language was officially taught with the backing of a government was in 1504.

Nubia is the homeland of one of Africa's earliest civilizations with a history tracing back many thousands of years. The Nubians are an ethnic group originally from northern Sudan area. Many are now settled in the East and Northeast parts of Africa including southern Egypt. The Nubian language is a central feature of modern Nubian identity.

City Councillor Adam Giambrone and Trustee Shaun Chen joined students, staff and members of the Nubian community at an opening celebration on Saturday, April 4. See photos above. source

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