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April 10, 2009


Two guys a girl and a t-shirt idea. That’s how it all started, over a conversation about how there aren’t any t-shirts that highlight the rich culture that comes from Africa. All of us originating from Africa, but growing up in Europe and North America, found a gap not reached by other designers. Being lovers of t-shirts, and it being the main source of our fashion statement, we wanted to design t-shirts that expressed our historical and cultural landmark, at the same time breaching the gap between our origin and what we currently call home.


Chic Chocolate said...

I LOVE these tees!!!!!!!!!!! Finally a quality tee that represents African heritage! I'm going to order one!

Anonymous said...

These tees are cute. I like the one in the middle.

Fly Girl said...

These are hot. I loke the afrobeat tees in particular.


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