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April 1, 2009

Africa faces battle for G20 spotlight

South Africa heads to the G20 summit tasked with being the voice for a continent where poor states are in danger of fading into the background as economic giants thrash out their woes.

With its own economy struggling to escape recession, Africa's powerhouse and sole G20 representative will have to focus the attention of world leaders on developing countries even harder hit by the global economic backwash. Continue reading here


Divalocity said...

It's about time! Once this summit ends, will this be the end of financial globalization where they continue to lock out the African continent and other emerging nations?

Or will they give the continent the opportunity to become a partner in global prosperity which will possibly end Africa's present climate of instability and hopelessness?

The countries of the West can no longer practice business as usual and must learn from this horrid financial crisis in order to never repeat it again.

Here you have a continent with the worlds greatest natural resource, it's people and the wealth of mineral resources and all those of the WEST wants to do is to continue exploiting the continent and the people.

India, China, Brazil and Russia have improved their economies because of investment, now Africa can do the same and I really believe they will because the young men and women of Africa are creating a renaissance on the continent and they are actually becoming the change they want to see in Africa.

Ebony Intuition said...

I agree, Africa needs the chance to truly become a global partner and prosper like everyone else.


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