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April 15, 2009

Mosaik Art

Pretty old fashion by Myrtelle Chéry

Burning Woman by Kamba Sita

Established in Montreal since 2004, MosaikArt is an art gallery dedicated to the promotion of multiethnic art, placing an accent on artwork from the Caribbean, Africa and South America. Located on 4897 St-Laurent boulevard, MosaikArt was created with the aim of promoting the value of cultural and artistic diversity, to extend the visibility of artworks from these regions in Quebec and on the international stage.

MosaïkArt is chaired by Myrtelle Chéry, a Quebecois painter of Haitian origin. She studied Art History, Urbanisation and Project Management and has been producing visual art events throughout Canada, in the United States and the Caribbean for over ten years.

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Anonymous said...

That first pic is really pretty. I love her hair.

Mista Jaycee said...

I love the art! Love it! Be sure to stop by.


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