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April 10, 2009

Horse racing unites Darfur tribes

For the past five years, the Darfur region in Sudan has been plagued by violence, with an estimated half a million people killed, and millions more displaced.

Despite the turmoil, the tradition of horse racing has endured.

It is a centuries-old custom that brings together tribes from across the region.


Cee said...

Funny how at times Africans kill each other but forget all that immediately there is a traditional celebration...

Ana said...

This information coming from the Al Jazzera trying to make us belive that all is well in Darfur, I will take with a grain of salt.

I love your blog, it reminds me sometimes of an English version of my Panamanian friend Mahogany who resides in Switzerland's blog for
She even has a beauty magazine.I love your beauty tips.
Well all the best,


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