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April 1, 2009


CANOE is inspired to celebrate Africa’s evolving culture and lifestyle. It is a creative initiative by 7 entrepreneurs endeavoured to correct the image of Africa, predict growing trends and portray positively, the continent and its people. The result is a conservative, sexy template, heralding the rebirth of Afro-cool. CANOE seeks to guide ‘Black Diamonds and Pearls’ [your Afro-bourgeois]: Principally, in luxury trends and laudable knowledge through exposure - the power with which they can augment their lives and secure an exceptional lifestyle with a sense of pride and knowledge of self.

CANOE is not hesitant to show success through extravagance as a merit of prosperity; but to create a lust, a passion for the rewarding things in life. Sail with us to see the new Africa. We offer you an exclusive Quarterly, with extraordinarily beautiful things from this wonderful chocolate continent. Together, we spearhead a revolution in trends, fashion and technology. CANOE will inform, inspire and breed a calibre of visionaries, influencing your lifestyles in appreciation of the true worth of AFRICA, as is: Our contribution to the long awaited Afro-Renaissance. Click here to check out their website

1 comment:

Cee said...

That's an interesting magazine from what I saw on their site. I love the afro pic, especially the comb in her hair.I remember a comic book in Kenya with a footballer with an Afro with that comb, we call it Afro-comb, I still wonder who designed the fist at the top....beautiful memories. Such things remind me the deiversity and unity of africa...beautiful


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