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January 5, 2009

Urban Curlz 5 Hair Commandments for 2009

5. Thou shall moisture like my life depends on it. Moisture is the key to beautiful, healthy, and long curls. Therefore, investing in a good moisturizer and moisturizing routine will keep your curls in optimal condition.

4. Thou shall treat my knots with patience. This is a main source of breakage with curly hair. I suggest carefully detangling the hair in the shower with your finger or if necessary a detangling comb or brush. The key is to have patience while detangling, this will prevent a lot of breakage.

3. Thou shall never let another salon treat my curls like a second class citizen. That's right, in '09, I refuse to sit in a salon more than 3 hours. I refuse to allow a stylist to ask me to relax or texturize. And more importantly I refuse to pay inflated prices just because I am natural. Nope, not this year-we're in a recession.

2. Thou shall treat heat like a two faced friend-with caution. Yes, heat is like a two faced friend-basically sometimes it can be useful, but in the end can be lethal. I recommend using heat no more than one or two times a month. So to all my straight ladies, stretch those blowouts out a little longer.

1. Thou shall let it hang loose. Religiously wearing the hair in tight ponytails or buns will cause breakage and in some cases baldness. So don't be afraid to let your hair hang low on occasions.

1 comment:

glennishamorgan said...

LOL I don't have curls but, I like these commandments. I think I need to follow the moisturize one.


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