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January 26, 2009

Bolivians back new, pro-indigenous constitution in a nationwide referendum

Bolivian voters embraced a new constitution Sunday that promises more power for the long-suffering indigenous majority and grants President Evo Morales a shot at remaining in office through 2014. The charter passed easily in a country where many can still recall when Indians were forbidden to vote.

Its sometimes vague wording and resistance from Bolivia's mestizo and European-descended minority foreshadows more political turmoil in a nation polarized by race and class. Continue reading here

1 comment:

Divalocity said...

The ones that they don't talk about are de los Afro-Bolivianos who have also been left out of society.

And from what I saw today the elites are not willingly going to give up their status quo.

A lot of South and some Central American countries are practicing aparthied against the indigenous people and of those of the African Diaspora who were brought to these countries as slaves.

The indegenous people the world over have been made into second, third and in most cases, the invisible class of people in their own countries.


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