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January 30, 2009

House of Machere, Audi Joburg Fashion Week

Machere Fashion House embraces simplicity and style, through elegant design, that results in garments that are modern, but rooted; encapsulating elements of the various dimensions of African ethnicity.


Nu Kynk said...

Luv it!

Kem said...

As an African blood filled male. I love to see my women dressed well. This is a step toward fusing western style and African flow. It works and I hope this does not stay in some niche somewhere and it spreads so that we can see more representation of African Culture and our ability to be unique and accepting all at the same time.

It is a new world and it is time that we see more Women of color and of all ethnicity taking on the designs of the African Community.

Amina said...

I looove the designs


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