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January 30, 2009

Brune Le Magazine

Brune Le Magazine, I found this last night online. This publication is in France the whole website is in French but I translated some of the info on the site below.

Une vague de modernité et de dynamisme dans la presse.
Un regard neuf, positif, moderne et porteur sur le monde des femme de l'Afrique et de ses diasporas.

A wave of modernity and dynamism in the press.
A new, positive, modern and bearing look on the world of the woman of Africa and its diasporas.

Une exigence esthétique et rédactionnelle nouvelle dans ce segment.
Un contenu très étoffé qui va des conseils de beauté aux grandes questions politiques en passant par le bien-être, le shopping, la santé et la culture.
Une vision holistique et non morcelée ni caricaturale des lectrices.

A new aesthetic and editorial requirement in this segment.
A very expanded contents which goes of advice of beauty to big political questions by way of ease, shopping, health and culture.
A vision holistique and not divided up nor grotesque of the readers.

Brune Le Magazine
Editions Press Up International
8, rue Jean-Joseph Chevrel
35 450 Dourdain
Tél. : 33 - (0)2 99 39 06 34
Fax. : 33 - (0)2 99 39 06 34
Email :


Golden Silence said...

This looks cool! I really need a reason to brush up on my French. Thanks for sharing this.

Ebony Intuition said...

I have to brush up on my French also, thank god for online translators. lol

Alienation said...

Whoa. Those are some beautiful women. I wish I spoke french lol. I hope they release an english version

Divalocity said...

Thanks again for the magazines keep them coming! Have you heard of culture femme? Miss Ebene? Goyav? shenka? These are some of the French language magazines that I've found. I've got some Spanish language magazine sites also.

Ebony Intuition said...

No I haven't heard of those but I will look into finding them.

Amina said...

Je n etais pas au courant que ce magazine existait. Merci pour l info:)

Ebony Intuition said...

Votre accueil


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