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January 12, 2009

HBCU Collection @ Victoria's Secret

North Carolina A&T State University

Vicki's has added an HBCU collection, which features pieces advertising FAMU, Howard University, North Carolina A&T, and Southern University, to its arsenal. Looking to show off your HBCU school spirit with some of Pink's signature looks? The items range in price from $34.50 to $78 and are available at


Anonymous said...

this is too cool! big ups to vicky see for pubbing hbcu's!!!

RainaHavock said...

Yeah they got my FAMU rattler gear!

Eb the Celeb said...

yes I've know about this for a while and I will be stacking up on my A&T gear.


Anonymous said...

I like that Howard shirt plus I always wanted to go there :(

RainaHavock said...

FAMU kicked A&T butt this past year! Go rattlers!


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