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January 29, 2009

France gripped by mass strike to protest fallout from global economic crisis

An activist dressed as French president Nicolas Sarkozy demonstrates in Paris. More than a million French public sector workers staged a massive strike, as anger at Sarkozy's handling of the economic crisis erupted in a day of protest.Photo:Joel Saget/AFP

I really hope these strikes clear up by March because I'm planning on going to Paris that month with my mother for vacation.

France is being hit by a massive strike by public and private-sector workers fearful over the fallout from the global economic crisis.
Officials say the strike has shut down rail and subway lines and left millions of schoolchildren without their teachers. In Paris, commuters braved freezing temperatures and biked, walked and even took boats to work. Continue reading here

1 comment:

Divalocity said...

The American people should have did the same before Bush left office.

I would love to visit Paris again, I took my kids there for my 37th birthday. Of course they had the French Franc then, now they have the Euro and it was a little cheaper since I lived in Germany at the time.

This year we hope to travel to Canada to see if it's anything like Europe.


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