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April 29, 2008

Russell Simmons & Spike Lee Talk Sean Bell Verdict

With Justice Arthur J. Copperman declaring three NYPD officers not guilty of manslaughter, assault or reckless endangerment in the shooting death of Sean Bell, who was murdered in front of a Queens strip club the night before his wedding, the hip hop community has wasted no time in providing their opinions on the shocking verdict.

Russell Simmons, who has played an intricate role in providing a positive foundation for today’s youth with his Hip Hop Action Summit Network, feels as though communication between law enforcement personnel and the communities they serve will decrease such travesties as these. “I don't know what implications a guilty or non guilty verdict in the Sean Bell case has on our society. I only know for certain we need more sensitivity training as part of the police curriculum. I also believe a more intimate dialogue must be promoted between police and the communities,” Simmons said in a statement. continue reading

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