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April 27, 2008

Equally magnificant.......WOMB-MAN!!!!

From the beginning, Khamitic cosmology was Maatical (balanced) it taught of NTR, a Mother/Father Creator. The NTRU (Divine Attributes) were likewise feminine and masculine, for example, Ptah/Sekhmet, Amen-Ra/Mut, Tehuti/Maat, Ast/Asar. This way of viewing The Divine that filtered down into everyday life was Maatriarchal, and women enjoyed a measure of equality unduplicated in these so called modern times. The Greeks and Romans were appalled at the level of freedom of Khamitic women, who could own property and functions as Queens, High Priestesses, and Living Oracles. The lineage of kings was transmitted through the mother, as was inheritance.

The Maatocracy (righteous government) of the ancient Khamites eclipsed the democracy of modern time, whose hallmark has been the suppresion and oppression of women, coupled with a pervasive undercurrent of racism.

In order to understand the spirituality of "Our Ancient Kahmite Ancestors" it is important to open your consciousness and familiarize yourself with the cosmological legacy that created the Maatocracy.

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