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April 25, 2008

New York Police Not Guilty of Manslaughter in Sean Bell Case

Nicole Paultre Bell, the fiancée of Sean Bell, ran out of the courtroom in tears minutes ago after hearing the not guilty verdict for all three of the New York police detectives indicted in Bell’s shooting death.Bell and two friends, Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield, were shot in the early morning of November 25, 2006, after Bell’s bachelor party at a Queens strip club. He and Nicole Paultre Bell were to have been married later that day. As the young men were leaving in Bell’s car, undercover detective Gescard Isnora approached them with a gun. Guzman and Benefield maintain that Isnora never identified himself as a police officer. After the men tried to flee, Isnora and the other officers opened fire, releasing a total of 50 rounds and killing Bell. All three Black men were unarmed. source

1 comment:

Wesley Brown said...

It's really a disgrace... I have much admiration for Sean's wife, Nicole, she is a very strong woman- She has and will continue to endure much tribulation.


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