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December 14, 2008

Iraqi Journalist throws shoes at Bush

This is hilarious, Bush is officialy the most dis-liked President of The United States of America.

An Iraqi journalist hurled his shoes and an insult at George W. Bush, without hitting him, as the US president was shaking hands with the Iraqi premier at his Baghdad office on Sunday.

As the two leaders met in Nuri al-Maliki's private office, a journalist sitting in the third row jumped up, shouting: "It is the farewell kiss, you dog," and threw his shoes one after the other towards Bush.
Maliki made a protective gesture towards the US president, who ducked and was not hit. continue reading


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

tiffany this is the most hilarious thing ive seen in a while omg. who does that lol

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Well a friend of mine on myspace wrote that

"In the Arab world, shoe flinging is a gesture of extreme disrespect. A notable occurrence of this gesture happened in Baghdad, Iraq in 2003. When U.S. forces pulled down a giant statue of Saddam Hussein during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, many Iraqi detractors of Hussein threw their shoes at the fallen statue."

So that's why the journalist did it.

Anonymous said...

i don't care who you are that is funny right there!



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