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December 1, 2008

No I Am Not Pt 2

(The picture above is actually from last year but my camera date was so off)

On my first post titled " No I am Not" I listed several descriptions in which people of African decent call themselves here in North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. The reason why I do not consider myself any of these "Black, Coloured, Negro, Nigger", is a combination of reason in which I will list below.

1. None of these labels tell you my Nationality

2. None of these labels connect me to history or law prior to 1492

3. None of these labels connect to me to my heritage, culture, creed, rights etc

All of these labels have been placed on us by the Europeans Nations who defeated our ancestors and put our ancestors into servitude and chattel slavery. By accepting these false labels, I'm rejecting who I truly AM.
To be continued....


Anonymous said...

very true

Anonymous said...

Great Note


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