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December 13, 2008

“Princess of Africa” screens at the African Diaspora Film Festival

The story of two dreams. Marem’s dream, a 14 year old dancer from Senegal, to migrate to Europe, and Sonia’s, a Spanish dancer, attracted by the magic of Africa. Both are linked by Pap Ndiaye, Marem’s father and at the same time Sonia’s husband.Africa did not turn out to meet Sonia’s dream (Pap Ndiaye had two additional wives), nor was Europe what Marem expected (no children in the street and a lot of poverty).Princess of Africa is a love story, full of music and dance, where nothing is what it seems and women are the main characters

1 comment:

Fly Girl said...

This looks like a fascintating film! I wish I could see it, I'm going to the web site to see if it will play in the U.S. Thanks for the info!


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