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December 8, 2008

Ghana Votes in Rare Example of African Democracy

Election officials began counting ballots late Sunday in one of Africa's rare democracies, where voters are painfully aware of the example they are setting on a continent better known for coups, rigged elections and one-man rule.

In courtyards throughout the capital, election officials put police tape around the plywood tables where they began sorting ballots. Hundreds of onlookers formed walls around the counting tables, standing on chairs to get a view and whooping as the stack of their candidate of choice grew taller.

The count capped a long day in this humid capital. The election began the night before, as hundreds of voters slept on the pavement outside their polling stations in an effort to be first. Voters spoke of carrying the burden of the continent's numerous failures as they waited to vote.
"We will never disgrace our country. We know that the whole world is watching us," said Beatrice Mantey, a retired school teacher who spent the night on the concrete outside her polling station. Continue reading here

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