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December 10, 2008

I Got Tagged

where is your cell phone? On my couch
your hair color? black
your mother? a comedian
your father? calm, conservative
your favorite thing? my new laptop
your dream last night? I was on a beach soaking in the sun
your dream/goal? Travel and see the world, and have my own business to create my own wealth
the room you're in? my living room
your hobby? reading books and collecting maps
your fear? none really
where do you want to be in 6 years? If things go well , I would like to be living either in the Caribbean or somewhere in Africa
where were you last night? at home
one of your wish list items? a new digital camera & a ticket to somewhere hot
where you grew up? malvern (Toronto, Canada)
the last thing you did? malvern (Toronto, Canada)
what are you wearing? my victoria secrets pajamas
your tv? on CNN
your pet? my stuffed animals lol
your computer? im on it right now
your mood? tired
missing someone? my granpa in Barbados
car? don't have a car to much of an expense
something you're not wearing? make-up
favorite store? forever 21
your summer? was great
love someone? maybe
your favorite color? purple (represents royal blood)
when is the last time you laughed? today
last time you cried? a long time
are you a bitch? no not at all..
favorite position? ummmm
favorite past time? my blog
are you a hater or a lover? lover
are you genuine or fake? genuine
any vices? yes
pro life or wire hanger? what
mccain or obama? I'm not American (If I was I would have voted for Cynthia Mckinny)
pro plastic or natural? natural
dream job? working for myself


Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...

I was in vern today @ malvern town lol.

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Lol wow, I was there a few weeks ago, I moved from there 3 years ago. I still consider it home though.


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