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March 14, 2008

Lebron James on the Cover of Vogue

I won't even explain what comes to mind when I first saw this picture...Regardless of the subliminal message they are showing on the cover, the cover is wack for a company that's been around for Anna Wintour....I stopped buying vogue 5 years ago.. I only support black magazines.


Don said...

I don't know if its just me, but this cover gives the impression of LeBron being some King Kong and the female as the ...whatever she's supposed to symbolize.

Beauty Is Diverse said...

thats exactly what came to vision when i saw it..

Professa X said...

To me "they" are getting real bold...i mean this is not even subliminal,a 5 year old could see the truth in this pic...On the real with all the racist comments an jokes white people are slingin around these days(not behind closed doors but right in our face) I got a feelin some real shit bout to go down...Real Soon...


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