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March 19, 2008

The Boondocks vs. BET - The Full Episode


Kem said...

I watched this episode a few days back and I must say that it hit all the major points about BET. However I would like to add that I think the station started off with a vision, and ended up pigeon holding itself. Instead of taking risk it stuck to a formula that paid off financially but created a broken generation of youth.

As Uncle Rukus goes, he is the mental epitome of most African Americans, a people that is afraid to be black so they trick their minds into thinking something else.

This episode is poignant and I just wish that we had real dramas the tackled such issues and not comedy that does it subliminally.

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Rains said...

Thanks for these great tv shows!!!! I love The Boondocks because Aaron McGruder is brilliant! The Boondocks is a great show and is intelligently funny. This is the best TV Show I have watched in quite a while. Do you wanna watch it then go ahead and Download The Boondocks Episodes from here!!!!


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