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March 14, 2008

Black Parents Outraged as Police Arrests Miami Students for Peaceful Protest

Parents, community outraged at violence

Ten cops and 6 students were hurt and 27 students were arrested after police were called in to repress a Feb. 29 student protest at Miami Edison High School . Hundreds of students had been peacefully protesting against Vice Principal Javier Perez, who had applied a choke hold to a student the day before.

The Miami-Dade county schools are already highly militarized and the district has its own police force. The administration nevertheless called the Miami-Dade police department and, within minutes, 60 to 70 police cruisers surrounded the schools.

When the police officers threatened the students, the students fought back with books, soda pop, water bottles and milk cartons. According to the pupils, the police used stun guns and pepper spray. One student required stitches. Continue reading

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