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March 7, 2008

Erykah Covers Essence

Erykah Badu covers the new issue of Essence Magazine looking lovely as ever. Don't forget to check out her new album " New Amerykah" which is in stores.

“I made tea” she recalls, “the incense is burning, it smells like vegan cupcakes. I got strawberry oils going.” Raphael tasted his tea and would not give Lady Badu so much as a glance. Erykah took Joi aside and said, ‘Raphael don’t like me, I wanted to do a song with him.’ Joi said ‘Girl, Raphael heard he ain’t suppose to look Erykah Badu directly in the eye”

“We were always reflections” Erykah says of her past loves, claiming they were halfway hippie already.

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Anonymous said...

erykah looks beautiful..


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