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January 27, 2010

Ugly Betty Cancelled

Today I found out that my favorite show "Ugly Betty" has been cancelled. :( 

" It’s ugly news for all the fans of “Ugly Betty.” ABC says the series will be cancelled after this season.

A critical and popular success with its premiere in fall 2006, “Ugly Betty” has struggled in recent years with audience erosion.
Based on a Colombian telenovela, the warmhearted dramedy stars America Ferrera as an ambitious but style-challenged young woman out to build a future at a New York fashion magazine.
ABC is promising that the series will conclude its run in a fashion that will satisfy its fans. ABC says eight episodes are left." source


Moni @ CL Journal said...

Between the writers strike two years ago and ABC changing the time slot I knew it was over. I couldn't find it!

Damm! It was a great show!

Ms. King said...

*gasp* why?... I never really wated, but when I did, it was pretty good. They said it was cancelled b4 I think, but then another season came out. ABC needs to make up their mind. Lol

Ondo Lady said...

I cannot believe it!! That show was a breathe of fresh air in TV land and I cannot see why they are getting rid of it. Look how many bloody CSIs they have on? SMH

Tiffany said...

OMG, I can't stand watching CSI, i find it so fake.

Luckily I have season 1-3 of Ugly Betty on dvd, and I'm going to try and get the 4th(last season ) on dvd too.

Beauty and Health Editor said...

Yes, well they said the ratings were falling....I rarely ever watch TV anyway, I saw Ugly Betty once about a year and a half ago...couldn't get into it...Heroes was more my thing, but they had too many long breaks between series on the BBC, changed the day it was on and I lost interest in it.

RainaHavock said...

CSI sucks. I'm mad that ABC canceled Lincoln Heights! That was great show showing a black family in a positive light.


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