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January 16, 2010

Giving Back: Nigel Barker & Edeyo: Nigel Barker lends his lens to bring hope to Haiti.

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Last January (09), Nigel Barker showcased his new photo exhibit titled "Haiti Hunger & Hope"
the money raised went to the Edeyo Charity.

The Edeyo Foundation ( is dedicated to improving the future of children in Haiti by rebuilding dilapidated schools, supplying students with learning
materials and providing them with nutritional support. Edeyo in Haitian creole, means, “Help Them”. Since Edeyo was created in 2007, it has already built a brand new school for students K-12 in the town of Bel Air. Ecole Communautaire du Bel-Air currently serves 172 students per year, all of whom had limited access to education until they enrolled in our program.

The Edeyo Team is a group of dedicated professionals from various backgrounds who all share the same passion to empower Haitian youth.


Divalocity said...

This is a great idea when people acknowledge the humanity we all share. We are the "CHANGE" we've been looking for. And the world should never ignore Haiti or any other part of the world ever again.

The majority of people need to end their myopic view of Utopia as they see it and realise that they create most of the hardships and suffering in the world by their greed, selfishness and ignorance.

There's only one race and that's the human race and the sooner they realise this, our world will be a much better place.

SamanthaClarke said...

That's amazing. It's incredible the huge response Haiti has received. I just hope it's enough to re build the country.

Gizelle said...

nigel barker is so compassionate..
my prayers go to the haitian victims..

CC said...

Its great that everyone is lending a hand to the people who have suffered so much. :)


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