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January 16, 2010

Haiti Relief Updates

Oprah's Angel Network is Donating 1 Million Dollars to Haiti Relief Fund

Unicef steps up efforts to protect children health & safety

Gisele Bundchen donates 1.5 million to Haiti

Scotiabank contributes $250,000 corporate donation to Haiti Fund


Fly Girl said...

I was inpiried to learn about all of these efforts. It shows that even with this level of devestation, there's still hope.

Tiffany said...

Yes lots of hope, I love that they've been showing stories of families being reunited now. On CNN they went and found a man's father he was a live and they found his aunt also. Haitian kids who were already in the adoption process were also taken to their new families in the U.S.A

Olivia said...

Hope will allow the people to cope. Families & friends will continue to be reunited. My heart goes out to all the Haitian people especially the children who no longer have any family. It breaks my heart so much, I want to do much more then just donate money. Lord continue to be their light!


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