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October 6, 2008

Tyler Perry Studios marks historic opening with a party

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Technically, Atlanta director Tyler Perry had the evening off Saturday night as he introduced thousands of formally attired guests to the new 30-acre Tyler Perry Studios facility in southwest Atlanta.

But from the grand opening fireworks to the strains of “Amazing Grace,” the director’s trademark flourishes were everywhere as Hollywood legends Sidney Poitier, Cicely Tyson, Ruby Dee and Louis Gossett Jr. gathered with Oprah Winfrey, Hank and Billye Aaron, Andrew and Carolyn Young, Will Smith, Barry Bonds and others to celebrate the first major television and movie studio owned and run by an African-American film producer.

“I never dreamed I would witness this in my lifetime,” Tyson, an Oscar nominee for “Sounder”, reflected on the red carpet. “What I’ve been able to achieve in my career is minuscule in comparison to this.”

Posing for pictures on the red carpet with the studio’s owner, Oscar-winner Poitier told the crowd: “I’ve spent 56 years in this business, and tonight is the reward. To see the people who have followed me and to see the success of the extent of this man is a real gift.”

Inside, Perry had a surprise waiting for Poitier, Tyson and Dee. On the movie lot’s Main Street, just past East 34th Street and the Luminesce Light and Lamp Shop, banners unfurled down the fake brownstones to reveal the Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee Stage Three, the Cicely Tyson Stage Two and the Sidney Poitier Stage One. continue reading


Renee said...

This at first seems like something we should celebrate until we learn about how Mr. Perry treats his writers. he has been firing them for trying to organize a union. He routinely pays them well below scale. This little extravaganza that he has instead of inviting his staff as guests he invited them to serve as wait staff. There is a dark side to Perry that is hidden from view. While he seems to be working towards advancing blacks he is exploiting them.

Ebony Intuition said...

Very true. My friend and I at work were discussing the same issue.

Renee said...

When I first found this out about him, I cannot tell you how disappointed I was. I had put aside the religious aspects of his movies and embraced the fact that he seemed to want to show strong black women. Now I must think about how many black women he may have exploited in the course of his business dealings. I tell you one step forward and three steps backwards.


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