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October 9, 2008

African Heritage City

Last night I came across this website called African heritage city, which is a theme park in Nigeria's capital Abuja. I would love to visit once its completed.

Heritage City otherwise known as the African Kingdoms and Empires Theme Parks and Resorts is designed to showcase Africa’s rich history, enhanced with modern technology to produce a total experience in learning, entertainment and relaxation for tourists and visitors.

Heritage City Theme Park Project represents the best initiative to date to present all of Africa’s diverse culture and history to tourists and visitors in one spot. That spot is a 17,000 acre site on the outskirts of Nigeria’s Federal Capital City-Abuja which has been earmarked by Nigerian authorities for the project and for other tourism related developments such as a wildlife park and safari, hotels, vacation homes, retail and movie theaters.

The park will feature the normal rides plus re-creations of ancient African Kingdoms and Empires such as Oyo, Egypt, Songhai, Nubia, Ashanti, Kanem Borno and the Kings and Queens who presided over them such as Queen Nefertiti, King Jaja of Opobo, Queen Amina, the great Zulu warrior –Shaka Zulu among others.

The project will also bring to life themes from African movies, festivals legends and folklore. A preview of the masterplan reveals for example, the Yemaya Water Park named after the ancient Yoruba legendary figure and the Iri-Ji Amphitheater whose design incorporates themes based on the New Yam Festival celebrated by the Igbos of eastern Nigeria.

There will be monuments honoring the heroes of the African Independence struggle and a showcase featuring scientific discoveries of the origins of human life in Africa. Source


IamMe Like IT-Love IT-Hate IT said...

wow! That's an amazing park, thanks for the info!!

Fly Girl said...

This is exactly something Africans everywhere need to patronize. Forget Disneyland, a park where you can explore your heritage is priceless.

Ebony Intuition said...

"a park where you can explore your heritage is priceless."

Dido I agree with that...


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